Beer, water, soda

  • Italian Menabrea Bionda (Tap) Kr. 59

    40 cl

  • Italian Menabrea, Amabrata (Tap) Kr. 59

    40 cl

  • Water Service Kr. 10

    Pitcher (unlimited)

  • Royal Tap Pilsner / Classic Kr. 39 / Kr. 59

    30 cl / 50 cl

  • Tuscany San Pellegrino / Panna Water Kr. 45

    50 cl

  • Soft drink Kr. 29

    25 cl

Italian Brandy 3 cl

  • Vecchia Romagna, Nera Etiketta Kr. 79
  • Vecchia Romagna, 10 år Riserva Kr. 99
  • Vecchia Romagna, 15 år Riserva Kr. 129
  • Vecchia Romagna, 25 år Riserva Kr. 229
  • Vecchia Romagna, 15 år Rara Kr. 249

Grappa & Liquer

  • Selezione di Grappa fra Kr. 75 / Kr. 189

    Ask your waiter about the selection.

  • Selection of liquers fra Kr. 59 / Kr. 189

Coffee from Kontra Coffee

  • Espresso single Kr. 29
  • Espresso doppio Kr. 39
  • Cappuccino Kr. 39
  • Caffé Latte Kr. 39
  • Kontra Coffee Press Coffee (small pitcher) Kr. 39
  • Irish Coffee Kr. 89

After Dinner Easy

  • Italiensk Dolce (sød) Kr. 79

    Amaretto & Fanta soft drink

  • Special Ponte V Kr. 99

    Pisang Ambon, Moscato D`asti and Faxe Kondi

  • Katrine´s favourite Kr. 79

    Almond liquor and Coccio Chocolate Milk



Fish of the day

Fresh Fish of the day with smoked Eggplant, Celeriac Soup & Basil oil



Scallops made Sous-Vide and served with Beetroot



Veal cheek

Veal cheek with Cabbage, black Truffle, Salsify, sweet Potato foam and Veal Consommé


Beef Tenderloin

Selected Free Range Beef Tenderloin served with Mushrooms and Artichokes, roasted Apple Puree, served with Hibiscus and Orange Sauce



Tortino di Cioccolato

Chocolate Fondant with Passion Fruit and Vanilla Ice Cream

Kr. 158

Delizia al Mascarpone

Chef´s Mascarpone Cheesecake with Amaretto, Meringue And fresh Raspberry Sorbet

Kr. 149

Formaggi Misti

Chef`s Citrus Panna Cotta with lemon and juniper berries infusion And fresh Lime Sorbet

Kr. 149

Cheese Selection

Italian D.O.P. Farm cheese Selection

Kr. 189

Our other menus

Red wine on a black background ,saved clipping path.

Red wine

Various sorts of cheese, grapes and two glasses of the white wine

White wine

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