Degustazione Carne

Kr. 499

Fiore di Pasta

Sous Chef’s Pasta Flower stuffed with homemade Free-range Beef Tenderloin Ragu – Organic Peas Cream seasoned with fresh “Piperita” mints and served with Roasted organic Almonds Flakes


Tagliata di Faraona

Free-range Guinea Fowl thingh season with sage, rosemary and chef’s special mix spices slow-cooked and grill served with Black Alba Truffle sauce – Homemade Roasted Potatoes – Pink Cabbage Salad seasoned with Citronette topping


Tortino di Cioccolato

Chocolate Sponge Cake of 72% Dark Chocolate from Equador – Raspberries Sorbet – Fresh Fruits

Degustazione Ittica

Kr. 469

Zuppa di Mare

Re-invented South Italian Gizzeria Lido Coastline soup scented with organic Coconut milk and Curry – on a base of Shellfish Bisque, Garlic, sweet Chili and Fennel Seeds – Fresh Seafoods and Virgin Lobster balanced with Organic San Marzano Tomatoes Dices and topped with Italian Crostini Bread crumps


Pesce Grigliato

Our daily fresh catch of fish filet grilled Italian Style seasoned with lemon thyme and tarragon – Mediterranean Couscous Salad – Sautee of Broccoli with garlic and grated bread – Homemade “Gallonese” Sauce 


Tris di Gelati

Selection of 3 differens homemade Italian Ice Cream

Degustazione Vegetariana

Kr. 419



Insalata Estiva

Misticanza Salad – Fresh fruits and Vegetables – Edible Flowers – Dried fruits – Homemade Raspberries Vinegar


Melanzana Vegetariana 

Lasagna of Fried Aubergine – Homemade Sweet Tomato Sauce with Oregano – Mozzarella Cheese – Grana Padano D.O.P. Cheese – topped with Fresh Pachino I.G.P. Tomato


Tortino di Carote”

Carrots Spongecake – Toffee Sauce – Amaretti Biscuits Crumble – Vaniglia Bourbon Icecream