100% Quaglia

Slow-cooked Free Range Quail breast and thigh served on Chef Laura Barban´s exquisite Quail Demi Glace with crispy skin and boiled Quail egg, accompanied with a soft Tortino of market fresh carrots and homemade Pesto from Italian Rucola salat and Walnuts

Kr. 159

Calamaro Farcito

Squid stuffed with mashed Potatoes, Sicilian Olives and Capers, Aromatic Timian, Pecorino Romano D.O.P. Cheese and Orange Skin – Butter and White Wine Sauce – Leeks and Celery Salad (Gluten Friendly)

Kr. 159

Fico Cremoso

Italian Prosciutto Crudo di Parma D.O.P. – Gorgonzola Cheese D.O.P. – Broccoli Cream – Pinenuts (Gluten Friendly)

Kr. 139

Insalata Fresca

Misticanza Salad – Fresh Spring Vegetables – Edible Flowers and Sprouds – Fruit – Homemade Raspberry Vinegar (Gluten Friendly)

Kr. 119


Fagottino al ragù bianco

Fresh Homemade Pasta – Wild Game Ragout – Luke Game Consommé – Edible Flowers and aromatic Sprouts – Red Pepper and Strawberries Coulis

Kr. 169

Murrina di Mare

Multicolor Open Raviolo Pasta – Lobster and Virgin Lobster Ragout – Leeks and Zucchini Cream – Black Alba Truffle Carpaccio

Kr. 179

Girella di Pasta

Fresh Homemade Pasta – Buffalo Ricotta Cheese D.O.P. – Spinach – Clarified Butter and Sage – Crispy Smoked Italian Pancetta D.O.P.

Kr. 149

Zuppa Vulcano

Forest Mushroom Cream – Black Alba Truffle – Baked Puff Pastry – Poppy Seeds (Gluten Friendly )

Kr. 159


Filetto Rossini

Free Range best Quality selected Hereford Beef Tenderloin made ”Rossini” style by flambe in Vecchia Romagna Brandy D.O.P. and served with sweet Wine “Birbet“ sauce together with market fresh forest Mushrooms, black Piemonte Alba Truffle, and topped with selected Foie Gras fried clarified organic salted Butter

Kr. 349
Kr. 299 without Foie Gras

Rombo in Olio-cottura

Oil-cooking Turbot fish – “Bignami” of Spring Vegetables – Organic Peas Cream – Crispy Corn Flour Chip (Gluten Friendly)

Kr. 299

Taglio Reale di Manzo

Apx. 1.2 Kg Black Angus Tomahawk Steak grilled – Roasted Novella Potatoes – Fresh Misticanza with Balsamico (Pref. 2 people)

Kr. 995

Agnello Scottadito

Free-Range Lamb marinated with Aromatic Herbs – Pink Quinoa Salad with Beetroot and Mint –Green Mashed Potatoes with Lovage and Basil (Gluten Friendly)

Kr. 289

Filetto di Cervo

Organic Free-Range Venison Tenderloin– Homemade Red Wine sauce – Organic Barley Salad with Sauté Season Vegetables – Homemade Roasted Potatoes

Kr. 299


Torta di Carote

Desert chef’s Homemade Carrots cake served with traditional Mou sauce, and with homemade Ice cream (Gelato) made by with Organic Yogurt and fresh Berries

Kr. 169

Fondente al Cioccolato

Chocolate Soft Heart Cake – 72% Dark Chocolate – Organic Raspberry Sorbet (Gluten Friendly)

Kr. 179

Torta Millefoglie

Sweet Puff Pastry – Custard of White Chocolate and Coconut Milk – Whipped Cream – Cone Cookies Crumble – Caramel Ice Cream

Kr. 169

Carpaccio d’Ananas

Sweet Puff Pastry – Custard of White Chocolate and Coconut Milk – Whipped Cream – Cone Cookies Crumble – Caramel Ice Cream

Kr. 149

Formaggi Misti dall’Italia

Selection of Italian D.O.P. Cheese of Cow, Goat and Sheep – Cerignola, Taggiasche and Nocellara Olives – Organic Jams (served with Our Homemade Bread)

Kr. 189