Opera crossover intimkoncert med sopran Victoria Gydov

Den 25. og 26. april kan du være med til en fantastisk aften hos Il Gallo Nero i Hillerød.

Disse aftener kan du nyde vores operamenu (se længere ned på siden) og lyt til en intimkoncert med sopran Victoria Gydov.

Være med til denne meget specielle begivenhed – bestil bord nu!

Pris og bordbestilling

Operamenu inkl. intimkoncert – kr. 895,- pr couvert

Tilhørende vinmenu med velkomst prosecco – kr. 539,- pr couvert


For at bestille bord, køb via Mobilpay på 53 88 35 33 . I beskrivelse skriv ‘Opera (antal gæster) Navn’ – Fx ‘Opera (3) Jens Hansen’

Pristabel – Uden vinmenu

1 person – 895

2 personer – 1790

3 personer – 2685

4 personer – 3580

5 personer – 4475

6 personer – 5370

Pristabel – med vinmenu

1 person – 1434

2 personer – 2868

3 personer – 4302

4 personer – 5736

5 personer – 7170

6 personer – 8604

Atto I

Prawn Bis

Fried prawn in black of squid tempura served with a garlic spicy mayo sauce and Baked Rolled Prawn with Kataifi Pasta served with fresh cucumber, yogurt lemon sauce

During a night on the dance Romeo and Juliet fall in love and, discovering that they belong to two rival families, they declare eternal love and decide to get married in secret
Atto II


Homemade Pappardelle Pasta with wild boar ragout served on a basket of Parmiggiano Reggiano D.O.P. cheese with a cream of Burrata D.O.P. cheese and peas sprouts

The rivalry between the noble families of Capulet and Montague breaks out in the streets of Verona

Atto III


Organic Free-Range Venison Tenderloin served with Homemade Red Wine sauce, Organic Barley Salad with Sauté Season Vegetables and Homemade Roasted Potatoes

Juliet sees her beloved Romeo and realizes he has killed himself with poison. She kisses his poisoned lips, and when that does not kill her, buries his dagger in her chest, falling dead upon his body

Atto Finale

Torta Millefoglie

Sweet Puff Pastry stuffed with a Custard of White Chocolate and Coconut Milk , Whipped Cream, Cone Cookies Crumble and Caramel Ice Cream

Seeing their children’s bodies, Capulet and Montague agree to end their long-standing feud and to raise gold statues of their children side-by-side in a newly peaceful Verona