Degustazione Carne

Kr. 649

“100% Quaglia” Slow-cooked free range quail breast and thigh served on Chef Laura Barban´s Quail Demi Glace with crispy skin and boiled quail egg, accompanied with a soft Tortino of carrots and homemade pesto from Italian Rucola salat and walnuts

“Fagottino al ragù bianco” Pasta Flower of fresh homemade pasta, stuffed with rabbit ragout and besciamella sauce, served with warm consume flavored sweet and spices and forest berries

“Luganega Vicentina” Headchef´s family recipe. Slow-cooked Rollè of Cinta Senese pork stuffed with traditional homemade sausage from Vicenza soft smoke with apple wood and served with warm artichokes ”trifolati” and puré of smash potatoes

“Tortino di Cioccolato” Chocolate sponge cake of 72% dark Chocolate served with melted heart and fresh passion fruit sorbet

Degustazione Ittica

Kr. 649

“Cappesante al profumo di Cocco” Fresh scallops served with homemade coconut milk sauce flavored with garlic and fresh timian, on a basis of Misticanza salad and red peperoni sauté with honey and toasted pine nuts

“Murrina e Rana Pescatrice” Traditional multi color open raviolo from Venezia, served with monkfish sauce scented with aromatic herbs, fresh jerusalem artichokes sauce and ginger

“Piatto dei Bacari” Tris of traditional fish recipes from Venezia:
Soft shell crab fried with egg yolk served with homemade “fiammifero” potatoes; seasoned and slow-cooked Cod Fish with polenta chips; Sardines marinated with onion, pinenuts and raisins

“Torta di Carote” Carrots cake served with homemade Mou sauce, and with homemade ice cream with organic yogurt and berries

Degustazione Vegetariana

Kr. 495

”Fondente Castagne e Tartufo Nero di Alba” Creamy fondant made with black Alba Truffle and Organic Chestnuts flour served with ” Violina” pumpkin cream flavored with market fresh Rosmarin, seasonal Mushrooms and Amaretti I.G.P biscuits crumbles

“Pasta e Fasoi alla Veneta” Traditional Veneto Cream together Calamarata pasta made with Borlotti beans, pasta phillo waffle with inside four different types of beans blanched, scented with parsley and Grana Padano chip

“Parmigiana di Melanzane” Parmigiana pie made with eggplants flavored with mint, Sicilian Pachino Tomatoes and Mozzarella di Bufala D.O.P. Cheese, served on a classic tomatoes sauce with basil and Grana Padano

”Biscotti e Vin Santo” Homemade cookies of Italian tradition and homemade custard flavored with orange, served with a glass of Vin Santo Wine