100% Quaglia

Slow-cooked Free Range Quail breast and thigh served on Chef Laura Barban´s exquisite Quail Demi Glace with crispy skin and boiled Quail egg, accompanied with a soft Tortino of market fresh carrots and homemade Pesto from Italian Rucola salat and Walnuts

Kr. 159

Cappesante al profumo di Cocco

Fresh Scallops served with homemade coconut milk sauce, flavored with Garlic and market fresh fresh Timian herbs, on a basis of Italian Misticanza salad, and red peperoni sauted with organic Italian mountain Honey and toasted Pine Nuts

Kr. 169

Antipasti Misto Selezione

Different but exciting antipasti preparation from traditional Italian recipes: “Cannolo” of Grana Padano D.O.P. filled with mousse of Mortadella Emiliana and Pistachio Nuts; Grilled “Salame Dolce Napoletano” “Padellino” of Polenta from Marano with seasoned marked fresh Mushrooms and Shrimps flame boiled with Rum, and a salted “Strudel” of puff pastry stuffed with Pears and Gorgonzola Dolce D.O.P.

Kr. 199

Fondente Castagne e Tartufo Nero di Alba

Creamy fondant made with black Alba Truffle from Piemonte Italy, and Organic Italian Chestnuts flour served with a ” Violina” Pumpkin Cream flavored with market fresh Rosmarin herbs, seasonal Mushrooms and Amaretti I.G.P Biscuits crumbles

Kr. 159


Fagottino al ragù bianco

Pasta Flower of fresh homemade Pasta, stuffed with Slow-Cooked Rabbit ragout and Besciamella sauce, served with warm Game Consume flavored sweet with Aromatic Spices and forest Berries

Kr. 159

Murrina e Rana Pescatrice

Traditional multi-Color open Raviolo Pasta tradition from Venezia, served with Monkfish Tail salsa scented with Aromatic fresh Herbs and Flower leaf, fresh Jerusalem Artichokes cream and Ginger

Kr. 169

Pasta e Fasoi alla Veneta

Traditional Veneto Beans Cream served together with Calamarata Pasta made with Borlotti Beans, Pasta phillo waffle and with inside four different types of Italian Beans blanched, and scented with fresh Parsley and Grana Padano D.O.P. Chip

Kr. 159

Risotto Astice e Zafferano

Headchef Tommaso Franchin´s Shellfish Risotto of Vialone Nano D.O.P. Rice from Italy flamed with Vecchia Romagna Brandy I.G.P. and made with Langostino and Scampi sauce, flavored with selected Saffron, red Pepper and Almond flakes

Kr. 189


Filetto Rossini

Free Range best Quality selected Hereford Beef Tenderloin made ”Rossini” style by flambe in Vecchia Romagna Brandy D.O.P. and served with sweet Wine “Birbet“ sauce together with market fresh forest Mushrooms, black Piemonte Alba Truffle, and topped with selected Foie Gras fried clarified organic salted Butter

Kr. 349
Kr. 299 without Foie Gras

Corona di Agnello

Free range selected Lamb Krone marinated with organic Italian mountain Honey and aromatic Herbs served with green Treviso Beans seasoned with aromatic pink Garlic, Pachino Tomatoes I.G.P. and sweet chili Pepper, Grana Padano D.O.P. gratinated young fennels from Verona and Chef´s homemade Sour Cream

Kr. 289

Lugagega Vicentina

Headchef´s family recipe. Slow-cooked Pork-Role of Cinta Senese Pork stuffed with traditional homemade Italian Sausage from Vicenza Italy aromatic soft cold smoked with Apple wood and served with warm artichokes ”trifolati” and puré of mashed Potatoes

Kr. 279

Piatto dei Bacari

Tris of traditional fish recipes from Venezia:
Fried Soft shell Crab filled with Egg Yolk and served with homemade “fiammifero” potatoes; traditional seasoned and slow-cooked Cod Fish with Polenta Chips; and Sardines marinated with Onion, Pine nuts and Raisins

Kr. 289

Corona di Manzo

1200 gr. Free Range Black Angus Tomahawk Steak grilled after choice (recommended Medium Rare) and served on wood plank and with Roasted Novella potatoes and fresh Italian Misticanza salad, together with pomegranate sweet vinegar
(preferable for 2 persons unless you are VERY hungry)

Kr. 995


Torta di Carote

Desert chef’s Homemade Carrots cake served with traditional Mou sauce, and with homemade Ice cream (Gelato) made by with Organic Yogurt and fresh Berries

Kr. 169

Tortino di Cioccolato

Chocolate sponge cake of 72% dark Chocolate served with melted center and fresh Passion fruit Sorbet

Kr. 179

Biscotti e Vin Santo

Desert Chef´s Homemade cookies from old Italian tradition, served with homemade custard flavored with fresh Orange, and accompanied by a glass of Italian Vin Santo Wine

Kr. 159

Gelato della Casa

Italian mixed ice cream
En sød servering af forskellig italiensk is

Kr. 159

Formaggi Misti

Selection of Italian D.O.P. mixed farm cheeses with olives and jams

Kr. 189